zaterdag 1 maart 2014


Thanks for visiting my blog!

Ever since I got some questions if I perhaps had a blog, ever since I won a giveaway, I wondered whether or not I should start a blog. Again.

Again I spent way too much time on checking out where to start my blog, a tiny logo which doesn't even show up for me and lots more useless things.

I guess I'm just sort of afraid to start something new. Again. Not sure how much time this will cost me.


I decided to just jump in, I'll just give it a try! Right now I cannot promise any time schedules in when posts will arrive, how often etc, but I'll try to share some crafts, mostly sewing, and finally share the things I made with my prizes won. :)

So, look forward to some creative posts coming up, at least I'll also have something that'll give me a nudge now and then to finish a few sewing UFO's*...

Thanks for coming by and I hope you'll stay with me! :)

*UnFinished Objects, seen the term before and I like it.

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