vrijdag 14 maart 2014

Dreaming, seaming...

Currently I am actually sewing, but I'm just very slow... Also, I might be a bit slow on purpose I guess... When working on a fun, little project. I just cannot stop, I just cannot wait to see the final result!

How different it is when I'm working on something for me... I sometimes dread to start again, it takes ages to finish one single seam or a pattern. I even slightly fear the result. What if it doesn't fit? Looks weird after all? My UFO pile mainly consists of items for me:
~ Birds made of jeans, decoration item
~ Knit dress for me, self drafted pattern after a top I liked
~ Zinnia skirt, pattern by Collette.

My excuses:
~ The birds were set aside 'cause well... It's for me, I can finish it later, right? Gifts first, those often have a "due date". That was my thought a year ago.
~ The knit dress, well. I was about 30 weeks pregnant. And I calculated all measurements with "approximately". Not sure how it fits now and I really disliked the finish my sewing machine gave it. Thus, "the" pile it was...
~ Zinnia: I just need to hem it. And put on a button, that's it. I used quite a bright curtain for this, light cotton puplin I'd call it. It's fun, but I just thought that maybe it's a bit too fun for me? Not sure actually...

Currently I'm working on a Billie Jean dress and I'm actually destined to finish this one. Especially since I have this (slightly hidden) WIP/UFO pile staring at me. It stares at me through cupboard doors, it does! I have more dresses like dear Billy, I do wear them, so I have better hopes. I'm still nursing a baby, but I can wear it afterwards, right? At least I can work of a pattern now and I kinda have more faith in patterns than in myself I guess.

I do dream of a home-made, (perfect?) cupboard full of clothes I love. I'm just still way too busy with figuring out what I love and what I want to wear... And what is practical for me of course, I do need to be able to chase my boys... ;)

For now, I'll seam on... And will push myself often enough to finish this dress...

Pretty in-seam French seamed pockets!

By the way, I have pushed myself this time to finish this dress nicely, so French seams it is! Funny fact: we Dutchies actually call these English seams, it always confuses me when talking to my mom about sewing... ;)

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