woensdag 12 maart 2014

My sewing story

Today I was browsing a bit and stumbled upon this personal sewing story by Disaster in a Dress. I actually thought that was a fun story to read, so I decided to share my own as well.

I have never been a girly girl, at age 12 I still preferred playing tag & playing with glass marbles (usually with the boys) over gossiping with the girls and "looking at" boys. Just a year after I decided to "invest" the money I earned picking strawberries in a trike "go-cart", together with my little brother. Still no regrets there, but I don't think anyone could have ever believed that I'd end up as a girl who loves heels & dresses. No make-up though, I draw the line there, I much prefer beauty sleeps, thank you very much...

Anyway, dolls have never been in the picture really, only later on I got small dolls and a huge box of strips of fabric which I turned into t-shirt shaped dresses, sloppily sewn by hand (I've never been a very patient girl), 'till their doll-cupboard was overflowing with the same type of dresses...

My first sewing machine experience was a few years after, for school we had to trace a pattern & cut it out of fabric and we got a grade for that. Mind you, I'm in Europe, so part of the practice was to add seam allowances, which was pretty easy for this particular pig-pattern. Since we had to cut it out of fabric, I decided to sew it as well. With lots of help from mom (she kinda let me sew the straight parts only) I made a pig! Still have that one, though 2 years ago he got de-armed, poor pig is still on the list-to-fix.

The story's getting way too long, so fast-forward about 10 years, I moved out and got my own place with the boyfriend. He ruined some overalls and I decided that it might be good to be able to fix those by myself. My gran offered generously her sewing machine, since she said at the time that she didn't really use it anyway. The machine came here, I used it to fix a few seams, but mainly let my mom use it. 'till The day the boyfriend decided to clean out his closet and wanted to throw out about 3 pairs of jeans. There's one things I'm no good at, that's cleaning up and throwing out. It felt such a waist! Yes, there were holes, but still so much good fabric! I had the idea of turning it into a quilt, but I didn't really have a clue how to. So I searched if it had been done before and couldn't really find anything... I found rag-quilts, I loved that idea, but couldn't figure out how it should have been done, so I just started to make a "top" (and forgot to immediately add batting and a back layer for the rag-effect). Then I forgot about it again and in total I think it took almost 2 years to "quilt" the final line, autumn 2012 it was. I still like it a lot though, far from perfect, but I´ve learnt a lot from it. And when I finally finished the quilt (not even that big, about 140cm x 100cm, see below), I also caught the sewing bug.

The "old jeans" quilt

That was also the time I found the world of blogs. All the craftiness and pretty children's clothes (I just had my son and was full of hormones I guess) that I decided in the spring of 2013 that I'd love to give clothes also a try.

And that's where I'm now, one year later. I've made quite a few things for my sons, but still mainly baby gifts. I'm getting better, but still learning so much every day I sew. That's also why I decided to start a blog after all, it's a way to record my learning process.

Thanks for reading!

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