maandag 3 maart 2014

Toddler Bag

Some time ago I found Zaaberry's awesome tutorial for making a Toddler bag. Then, when I won 3 yards of Riley Blake fabric through the Little Kid's Grow newsletter, I found that making a bag was the best way to display the fabric. Well, only a tiny part of the total 3 yard that is, still searching for other good causes.

Also, I love jeans fabric, add the fact that I started sewing 'cause my hubby wanted to throw out too many old jeans, I just had to use some of that fabric for the rest of the bag. The lining is a fabric I bought in a local store, but I just had to add another piece of pretty fabric for a pocket.

Loved the tutorial, the one thing I changed apart from adding the patch pocket, was adding a piece to the band, mainly because my old jeans weren't long enough to cut the entire band in one piece. For that I cut two pieces of 30cm+1cm seam allowance on each side & one piece of the lining fabric of 10cm+1cm of seam allowance on each side. That way I still ended up with a 70cm long band (approx 28"). I like how that turned out actually! :)

Thanks for dropping by!

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