vrijdag 11 april 2014

Halfway through KCW!

Still sewing!!

4 hours "gone" and 3 more to go. I'm hoping to have some more time this weekend.

Anyway, my list was short and I thought that it'd be most useful to repair and remake/refashion this week. So far I managed to fix 4 pairs of pants, 1 pair of PJs and there's one more pair of pants I want to turn into shorts. One knee is ripped and it has a weird elastic at the bottom that keeps "riding up", my poor son is pulling the pant legs down again every few minutes...

Also, to add some "mini me" to this week, I found a tee and a sweater which I want to turn into a version for my mini-me, also known as my son. Pictures will come next week, too busy sewing this week!

To make up for the lack of pictures, I'll show what I made for the first KCW I participated in, the winter of 2014:

~ The first project I finished in that week (I did start before KCW, but used the week to finish it up) was an altered Basic Blazer, I added in a "fake" vest.


For that I altered the facing in a way, the  facing and shoulder seam lined up so I was able to insert the vest. The 3-piece hood I drafted off a 2-piece hood, I actually sewed the 2-piece together, cut it up and added a straight strip in between. I just like the fit of hoods better when they're made of 3 pieces. Everything pattern piece can be calculated, I have theories, but for this one I just used the fool-proof rules of Try And Error. Also, the reason nothing matches up, which slightly bother's me now. I will try making it again and draft some pattern pieces then... Any interest in a tutorial of how to calculate/draft those pattern pieces?

My second project was a last-minute idea, a good friend of me was gifted with a pretty baby boy and I wanted to make him a coat. I still had funky 80s (or 90s) fabric in my stash and wanted to use that, just not being sure if my friend would dress her boy in purple, I made it reversible. I used the free Titchy Threads kimono, altered the shape to make it a coat, added on seam allowances in places where there would have been bias binding and topstitched all around. Finally stenciled on the hippo. Snaps were actually the hardest part for this one...

I honestly do love either side with the cuffs, just hope the little man had short arms... ;)

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