maandag 14 april 2014

KCW - The Result

My KCW in short? I need more time.

I managed to turn only one of two tees into a mini-me tee and I still have some finishing touches to make. Plus, I also feel that some sort of applique might be fun, still plotting...

First of all, the pants. Not much, but fixed. The really bad rips I covered up, one pants wasn't too bad, so I just sewed over it and interfaced it. For the simple blue one's I decided to come up with something more fun and made up a scrap applique. Does it really show I cannot come up with more fun shapes than stars?

As for the tees, I started off with these 2 old tees:

and only ended up with this one:

So, one tee. It still needs some pressing, topstitching and overall it's for me still a work in progress. The blue one I took apart with the seam ripper, I plan on reusing the neckband. Anyway, the brown one still seems empty to me, so I might just plot some more for some sort of applique... 

To be continued...

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