dinsdag 6 mei 2014

A finish!

Finished something again AND managed to make some photo's of it! That's a double yay for me.

Anyway, to start of the story, I'm a musician. Not as a profession, no way, just as a hobby. I just carry around a French horn and sheets of music for fun. :) Before, I always used a nice bag my orchestra provided me with, but ever since we moved here, I've been using whatever I found around the house. Nasty part is that I have a heavy, pointy, iron "music stand" that does not seem to cooperate well with bags. I started off with a (relatively sturdy and more important, purple!) plastic bag, which held up for almost a year, not even that bad. Then I got another sturdy shopping bag, but the handle broke after a few months. The bag is still sturdy, the handle not so. After that I switched to one of those ugly, free, cotton bags, this one:

There's even advertising on it, which I have hidden now. And not very noticeable in this picture, but it´s holey too, I've already lost a few pencils on the way.

So when Sew Natural came with a bag sewing contest and when shortly after that Selfish Sewing Week appeared in my blog reader, I knew it was meant to be. I was in desperate need of a new bag! At least, that's what I told myself.

I thought of the suede coat which my gran gifted me for making toddler slippers, but cutting into a neat coat, JUST for a tiny piece of leather seemed like a waste to me. A bag is way better! :) When stopping by the fabric store, I found the cutest piece of fabric, added a red fabric from my stash and found later an old green blouse, which turned out to be a great match and just enough for the lining. To interface the handles and the cotton for the outside of the bag, I used a floor cloth. The cheap, stiff one's you can buy in every store. I had a few on hand and found that they're much better for interfacing bags than for actually soaking up liquids. Add that all in the mix and behold! A new bag magically appeared!

Well, in a perfect world it would. ;) I used Sew Naturals guide to making a shopper, but also referred to Izzy MeimSaab's Youtube where she explained how to add a zipper to a bag. I also cut the lining longer and folded it like a harmonica, that way I could make several pockets on the inside over the entire length. As usual, I think I've sewn almost every seam twice, changed my plans throughout (my sewing machine does not do pretty zigzag, nor straight stitches on this leather/fabric combination) and also fuse-hem-tape isn't a great idea either when applying the cotton to the floor cloth, next time, I should immediately start with quilting. Also, I think I'm going to add some sort of sturdy bottom, so the bag will handle the weight better and will be a bit sturdier. Otherwise, I think I'm done and happy. I have a bag, large enough to carry all my stuff so I can finally bring just one bag. And oh yeah, the instrument of course... I did not make it to fit that one as well...

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