dinsdag 27 mei 2014

Scrap busting

I have a confession to make. 

I love fabric and I cannot part with it. There are pieces of fabric I like less, but I cannot throw them out. And I have pieces I love to death and I just cannot cut into it, afraid to ruin the flawless piece. Those are getting more rare I'm happy to report, somehow I'm getting more confidence that I won't ruin the piece or that I at least will find a way to fix it.

For the bag I posted before I bought fabric I loved and I had a few tiny scraps I couldn't just part with. One reason I have 2 scrap piles, one with useable and one with "too big to throw out, might find a project for it, but otherwise it'll be great stuffing for a pouf one day". I also read about Quilt As You Go, seriously, I don't get it entirely, but I found a way to make it work. 

So again, I took a piece of floor cloth, stitched strips of several types of fabric to it and behold, a belated mother's day gift! :) I do like how this one turned out.

I boxed the bottom as you'd do with a regular tote bag and made a lining. This way the shape isn't entirely square when closed, but you can open the top entirely and see everything you put into it. Also, the floor cloth makes the bag sturdy, great for lots of small essentials I'd say! :)

The continuous zip was quite a challenge, but with help from Youtube and the husband I (or actually the amazing husband) managed to get the slider on. I do think this will be the last time that I'll buy continuous zips though, I prefer shortening zips... Anyway the most important is that the recipient told me she liked the bag a lot as well and I managed to use some more tiny scraps, so mission accomplished I'd say!

Thanks for stopping by! :) 

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