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Quick sew baby gifts ~ With free template

I think something's in the air lately. Or it's just due to my age, but it seems like babies all of my friends are having babies all at once! Only last month I received announcements of 3 cute baby boys. This was too much for my sewing machine to handle at once, but in general I do like to send out something "more" than just a postcard to congratulate the parents.

One of the quick gifts I've made a few times is this crinkley elephant. It has ribbons to fiddle with, add an extra ribbon so you can attach the toy to a stroller or a pacifier and most important, find fun fabrics to show off! Read on to find out how to make them! :)

~ Fabric, approx 16" x 11" (40cm x 27,5cm) and some scraps
~ Ribbon, I used 5 on each ear, each about 3" (7,5 cm) long
~ An old "crispy" bag, make sure it's clean! For that reason I used empty "diaper whipes" packages. It should be big enough so the elephant body fits on it.
~ The usual notions, tread & sewing machine
~ Pattern (Page 1 and Page 2)

* I did not include seam allowances, so add 1/4" or 0,5cm on all sides. In this case it won't be a big problem if you leave that step out.

* Cut fabric according to instructions, for my elephants I like to use 2 fabrics for each ear, like this (it's the same one as the red-eared pictured above):

Just for fun, I tried to pick soft or different textured fabrics as well.

~ Mark ear & eye placement on the fabric

~ Take one piece of ear, put it in front of you right side up. Fold the ribbons in half and place & pin them around the outside of the ear, but faced inwards; nothing should stick out. Place the other half of the ear on top, pin together and sew the long curve closed and just around the corners, keeping on the short side a hole for turning. Make sure you make one right and one left ear!
~ Notch the seam allowance and turn the ear right side out. Press if needed and iron the seam allowance of the turning hole inside.

~ Pick how you want to sew an eye, it's easiest to do that first. I cut a circle from fabric and appliqued it on with a small & short zigzag stitch (satin stitch). You could also hand sew an eye on. A button would be another option, but make sure it won't come off or otherwise don't give it to small babies. Repeat for the other body piece

~ Second, the ear. To ensure the ear is attached very well, I've sewn it on twice:
First I pinned the ear on my lines, wrong side up (flapped back over the face, ribbons on the snout side instead of tail side) and sewed it in a slight curve. I always put one stitch over the end of the ear, before backstitching. I use a tiny seam allowance for this, like 1/8" or 3mm
After this, I flapped the ear back in place and topstitched right over it again. The turning gap should definitely be closed now and I don't think any baby will manage to tear an ear off. ;) Repeat steps for other body piece.

~ For the tail, cut a piece of 2 1/2" x 4" (6x10cm), fold outsides to the middle and then in half (like bias tape) so you end up with a 2 1/2" x 1" (6x2,5cm) strip and sew it shut.
~ Next, take the 2 tail pieces, right sides together, sew the curve and just around the corners and leave a gap for turning. Notch & turn, put seam allowance in, stick the tail in and topstitch around the tail.

Check where you want your tail, pin it to one side of the body, tail facing inwards (snout direction!) and sew in place.


The ear pokes out, first thing you do is fold it towards the belly and pin in place, on both sides. Then lay both body pieces on top of each other, making sure NOTHING sticks out (ear/tail). Put the plastic on top and pin in place. For my sewing machine it was easiest to sew this way as well, with the plastic on top. Slowly, sew all around and make sure to leave a turning hole, easiest to do that in the back, just under the tail.

Clip & notch around the elephant, turn & topstitch once more all around. Beware for sticky pins that are still holding your ears.

You could also skip all topstitching and use ladded stitches instead to close all turning gaps.

Enjoy the gift! :) Let me know if you have any questions and if it works to download the pattern like this. I have no idea yet what other way there'd be to share it... Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hello! You left a comment on my blog, kwiltzbystephanie, and I wanted to say hi back to you, but couldn't find an email, so here I am!! Your blog is wonderfully neat and tidy! Your sewing looks perfect!!! I have three boys, so I know how busy you are!!! Anyways, good luck with the giveaway and thanks for stopping by!