zaterdag 9 augustus 2014

Baby dress

I've been out of my sewing mojo. I've planned to blog some older projects if this would happen, but I guess I've been out of my blogging mojo as well...

No longer though! :)

Recently I found a pretty baby dress tutorial on See Kate Sew and when we got a phone call that our brand new niece arrived, I decided I just needed to dust off my sewing machine and make a tiny dress.

Over here I styled it with a tiny onesie, one I did not make, but I like the combination of the two, so will gift them together.

Still learning to work with my new camera, but loving it so far (Nikon D3200). Crisp pictures and it is SO fast compared to my no-zoom old point & shoot camera. That one definitely was more a miss than a hit.

Some detail photo's (decided to not follow the instructions entirely):

And this is the part that shows a bit where I changed up the construction, the inside:
I kept the side seams of the bodice open and sewed them shut right sides together. After that I took the lining piece (white here) and sewed that right side of lining to the to the wrong side of the skirt. I then ironed over the right side of the bodice and topstitched it to the skirt from the right side. This way the not-pretty part of the skirt is hidden inside the lined bodice. I also felt when finishing something nicely, french seaming the skirt is way too easy to pass over, so all raw sides are hidden nicely. 

Hope our niece will enjoy wearing it, it's very likely that she'll wear this fabric sooner than me, I kinda finished my own dress, but still am no 100% satisfied with it... Did I mention I'm picky?

Fabric: Ikea
Pattern: See Kate Sew

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  1. Found you! I had to look you up from an old post comment to see your blog. I like your projects and this dress turned out darling! I added you to my reader as well.