maandag 29 september 2014

Autumn has arrived!

And I'm not a fan. I love summer and spring, autumn is already the road to the dreaded & gray winter. It's just not my cup of tea. I also live in a country that has never heard of Halloween nor Thanksgiving (they only have a rather depressing memorial, no offence, but even my  fellow band players dislike it...), so apart from Christmas there's not much to look forward to.

That's a bit too depressing... The upside is that autumn still has some sunny days (short sunny days, way too short, but gotta love the sun!) and those short evenings did get me back in the sewing mood.

So, on a cold, cold day, what's best to do? Read blogs, get inspired and decide to get in the car and just visit the fabric store again. To discover that the store has moved over like... a year ago. I don't go shopping very often, sure, there are more towns, but still... And just before I found this free pattern in a Facebook group. And I love the sheep. It also reminded me instantly of this scarf. And the fact that it was getting cold (it was freezing the other morning!) that my son's hat already had to be crammed onto his head last year so I decided just to check if they'd have any sheep fabric. And maybe plaid like the fox-scarf... And they did! Sort of. Somehow with their new location (it's next door to where it used to be) it seems to have gotten a more "modern" feeling... And they had what I wanted, that's a rare thing. So that resulted into:

A foxy scarf...
And an upsized lumber jack hat. And look at the other side!!!
Not entirely planned, but who knows? I love this! /nerd The fleece plaid was actually not very special, But I bought some more to be able to cut it on the bias. All lines & plaids look immediately more interesting when cut on the bias. Total fact! In my opinion at least...

So now I have a bowl with a new hat & scarf. And I really like them! Irony of it all, the day I finished the hat, it suddenly was above 20C again... Not complaining, I love this, but somehow I still have the feeling that Autumn and I will never be able to get along very well... But if it helps, I'm going to make everyone hats, I could use a good after-summer! Any orders? ;-)

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