woensdag 19 november 2014

*knock knock*

I'm still here!

Though it's been quiet on the (well, my) sewing front. After the fox, I've only sewn a sweater for a baby of one of our friends. We visited them recently, but arrived with a broken gift, a piggy bank which my son dropped just before we rang the bell. Stupid gift perhaps, but anyway, I felt bad and had to make up...

The pattern I used it from Shwin & Shwin, the Charlie Sweatshirt. Easy pattern, quick sew and I like the result, even though the argyle jersey maybe wasn't structured enough. Still think it will be warm enough for late winter/early spring. :) And yes, I just love sewing for babies. Everything's more cute when it's tiny and little fabric use with good results. What's not to love?

Now back to *secret* pattern testing, will post some more info on that later when the designer will release the pattern...

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